Confidencial REF: #749

10 years of experience providing software services around Ruby and Rails. A value-driven approach and empathetic perspective help us turn our clients into long-term partners. Effective software development & expertise for your products and teams. We are a team of software professionals, who got together because each person empowers the other. We all live and breathe the same purpose, and we are here to build great things. We enjoy human interaction and care about our business relationships, just as much as we love coding.

The Senior Engineer should be seen as a rock-solid engineer who is a master of at least one domain. The Senior Engineer is capable of owning technical design for projects of moderate complexity, and understands the tradeoffs in creating good software in their area. They hold a depth of knowledge in systems that enables them to debug those systems effectively without issues. In addition to writing consistently high-quality code they are aware of industry best practices and trends, and have acquired at least one major skill outside of core coding such as monitoring, documentation, integration testing, visual design, performance optimization.

The Senior Engineer gets a lot done. They are responsible for complex tasks and complete them despite roadblocks, grabbing others for help or insight as necessary. The Senior Engineer requires very little oversight beyond high-level direction; they can take a complex user story, break it down into sub-tasks, and complete their sub-tasks with relative ease. The Senior Engineer shows initiative beyond knocking tasks off a list; they are able to identify and suggest areas of future work for themselves or their teams. They seek evidence to support their ideas and start to build cases for these ideas. They deliver products with confidence



  • Technology background In technologies like: Ruby on rails, Javascript (React, Node, Vue, Angular) and / or Python, Go. 

  • Work experience within heterogeneous work teams, dedicated to learning new technologies, as well as experience with American clients, is valued.

  • It is essential to have a good command of English (understanding and communication)

You’ll join a small, talented and experienced team  that works together full-time to help a US-based startup build well-tested and high-quality software for a web app using modern web technologies and agile methodologies

Each team member’s contributions, including yours, in the form of source code, automated tests, giving feedback or proposing new ideas will be key to the success of the team and the client.

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