Confidencial REF: #1199

As a Software Engineer at Vacuumlabs, they’ll work on global fintech innovations, blockchain-based products, and socially responsible projects. We will provide them with all the resources and education to learn the cutting-edge technologies we use.

  • Design, develop, and improve products for the global fintech industry - including digital banks and blockchain-based products.
  • Develop and maintain an above-standard code for our products.
  • Select and apply the most appropriate framework, database, or programming language.
  • Communicate and collaborate with Project Managers and team members.
  • Be able to lead less experienced developers

  • Algorithmically strong

    • most of the interviewing process is algorithmic - explained further below

  • Achievements, Competitions and Awards (may differ based on location)

    • Facebook Hacker Cup or Google Code Jam or Google Kick Start

      • Qualification should be enough

    • ICPC

    • science olympiads 

  • Flexibility - the work with us is flexible but we also need our developers to be flexible 

    • we work in a dynamic environment where a lot of things may change - new project, new technology, new team members

  • Graduation from the top universities in the location/country

  • Good communication skills

  • Quarterly revaluation - We offer regular salary evaluations and provide feedback for their performance.
  • Paid needed overtimes
  • One off payment to help establishing remote working space (the amount varies from 1.500 euro to 2.200 euro) 
  • Based on the contract type:
    • Paid vacation days & unlimited sick days

  • Paid self-education (15 days/yearly, if learning new technology - developers are fully paid during the whole process)
  • Challenging work tasks on global projects
  • Fast-moving and never a dull moment
  • Innovation and creativeness
  • Varying work tasks (a lot of different projects)
  • Permission to fail
  • The Company is growing fast (from 300 talents in 2021 to 1000 talents in 2023 and from revenue of 10 mil EUR in 2021 to 40 mil EUR in 2023)
  • No big investors, the growth is mostly supported by the co-founders themselves.
  • Socially Responsible Company
  • Option to buy our shares (equity programme)
  • No bullshit approach

Formulario de postulación

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