Confidencial REF: #1561

Where relationships take root Relationship Marketing is about delivering personalized experiences for your customers in the moments that matter to them. Marigold’s solutions help you acquire new customers through multiple channels, grow your existing customers with offers curated just for them, and turn your customers into loyal advocates.

Site Reliability Engineers are an integral part of our autonomous, multi-disciplinary teams, working closely with Product Teams, Security, and Operations to deliver quality, rock solid customer experiences and scale our systems for ever-increasing growth.

  • Fluent English communication skills
  • Commercial hands-on experience with AWS of at least two years.
  • Strong familiarity with Unix / Linux operating systems and general command-line knowledge.

  • 100% Remote position 
  • Full time Contractor and USD salary
  • 20 PTO per year.


  • The opportunity to join challenging projects associated with our products, providing a stimulating environment for professional growth and skill development.
  • Establishment of connections and collaboration with leading North American companies, offering the chance to work in a global environment and gain experience in a key market.
  • Active participation in creating and improving innovative solutions that directly impact the company's success and its clients.
  • Dynamic and collaborative work environment, fostering creativity, initiative, and teamwork.
  • Opportunities for continuous learning and personal development, with access to resources and training programs.

Formulario de postulación

De conformidad con la Ley Nº 18.331, el Decreto 414/09, art. 37 a 40 de la Ley 19.670 y el Decreto 64/20, de Protección de Datos Personales y Acción de Habeas Data, declaro que proporciono de manera voluntaria mis datos personales, y que los mismo pueden ser utilizados por BÚSQUEDAS IT en procesos de selección y administración de personal actuales y futuros y/o transferirse a clientes, socios clave u otras compañías locales e internacionales; y que BÚSQUEDAS IT podrá almacenarlos en sus servidores alojados en Estados Unidos, Texas, y procesarlos con fines comerciales amplios para el mejor cumplimiento de sus servicios. En caso de no querer formar mas parte de la base de datos enviar un correo solicitando la baja a info@busquedasit.com.