Confidencial REF: #1051

Empresa especializada en comunicación digital, referente en tecnología, creatividad, diseño e innovación. Desarrollamos proyectos para las principales marcas del mundo en más de 15 países. Ofrecemos la oportunidad de sumarte a una de las empresas de mayor crecimiento en la región y formar parte de un equipo multidisciplinario conformado por cerca de 50 personas.

We are looking for an experienced, self-directed and highly motivated DevOps to manage internal organization architecture and infrastructure and contribute to the software development process for project executions for our amazing clients.

The main responsibilities are: 

  • Set up code automation 

  • Be responsible for process reengineering

  • Be responsible for Data management, control and monitoring

  • Define and document processes and protocols

  • Create an automated delivery pipeline that assists in building software more efficiently

  • Asses, support and implement high-quality information technology architecture

  • Set up integrations between the tools used within the IT organization as well as setting up automations wherever possible

  • Work together closely with the IT leader and CTO to help them move forward with the goal of enabling them to provide a seamless IT experience to all employees

  • Communicate efficiently with other areas of the company

  • Identify and deploy cybersecurity measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management

  • Develop incident management and root cause analysis

  • You must have 2+ years of experience working as a DevOps Engineer in a highly digital environment

  • Ability to create clear decks that effectively communicate your thinking and help stakeholders make decisions

  • You must have excellent verbal and written skills that enable you to present comfortably to clients

  • You must have a strong eye for security

  • English fluency is a must

Technical skills: 

  • Knowledge and experience in (Linux/Unix OS) infrastructure 

  • AWS: Knowledge of AWS platform, AWS foundations course completed and AWS certification desirable

  • Google Cloud knowledge

  • Scripting: knowledge of scripting languages (bash, python)

  • Containers and VMs: docker, kubernetes, vagrant

  • Versioning: Git / GitFlow[r2] 

  • Automation: Ansible

  • Encryption tools: GPG

  • Networking: Protocols, DNS, Firewall, VPN

  • Knowledge of monitoring and log centralization tools

  • Knowledge of security basics: confidentiality, integrity and availability

  • Knowledge of technologies for development: MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, NodeJS, Restful APIs

  • Compliance with industry standards, auditing, forensic analysis

  • Google Workspace / Suite management

  • Corporate security solutions


The opportunity to integrate a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary team in which innovative projects with a strong creative imprint are carried out, working for the main innovation fairs in the world, as well as avant-garde clients in the USA and Europe.


  • Membership and SUMMUM coverage 100% in charge of the company since January 2022.
  • December 24 and 31 free and all the national labor holidays.
  • Days of your birthday 50% free.
  • ORT Agreement with discounts in all races.
  • Access to company-paid English training programs


  • Discount on vehicle purchase in Ayax - Toyota and Suzuki
  • referral bonus USD 500
  • work from home
  • Welcome kit

Formulario de postulación

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