Somos buscadores de Talentos

Nuestro enfoque: Agile Recruiting


Professionals specialized in attracting, retaining and developing talent. We are passionate about contributing to the creation of teams that empower people from synergy, development and creative capacity. We work for it day by day, connecting people with opportunities and promoting healthy experiences within working environments.

We are motivated to

To create a win - win relationship.

We commit and we identify ourselves with our stakeholders needs, acting with dynamism, empathy and professionalism.

To be always near.

We work with our customers as a team. It is essential for us to maintain a fluent communication and inform all the key stakeholders (candidates, client organizations and other field organizations) about the processes status and challenges we assume.

To adapt and be flexible.

We are aware of the current world dynamism and the demands and challenges that this means. We present customized solutions for each particular case and context.


Búsquedas IT - Engineering and Technology  

We are specialist in identifying and attracting technical profiles specialized in Engineering and Technology. We work with the agility and dynamism necessary for the industry, adapting ourselves to the market requirements. We have a wide Information Technology network that allows us a quick access to qualified professionals and an immediate response with solutions to our clients.

We generate proactive search and selections processes, promoting synergies between the organizations and the most suitable candidates for each case. We use innovative and creative search tools that ensure responsibility, professionalism and ethics in the information management.

Talent Review

We analyze the people potential through a serious, agile and modern psychological approach. Our insight is professional and realistic. We work so that our clients receive clear, objective and accurate information to take decisions related to Talent Management.

information to take decisions related to Talent Management. We don’t evaluate but we value job profiles. In this way, we create exchange and self-awareness spaces to achieve a best self-knowledge about the characteristics and skills identified.

Talent Development

We promote the best people management practices. We design and implement human talent management tools adopting innovative methodologies to each scenario. We apply our experience and the continuous learning approach. We are creative to find the best solution for each particular case.

We are specialists in:

  • Work environment and organizational culture analysis
  • Skills management, career path planning and performance orientation
  • Compensations structure (Salaries and benefits)

Spin off and Start ups

We provide an holistic analysis of HR Management specially designed for Spin Offs and Start Ups. We promote a strategic vision of Human Talent, with flexibility and adaptability so that our clients can feel supported and accompanied in the first steps of their endeavors. We add value from an agile, flexible Human Resources work methodology with high standard of adaptation and adjustment.


Webinars Búsquedas IT

Crisis siempre es oportunidad. Es así que desde el equipo de Búsquedas IT, pensamos en nuevas formas de llegada a nuestros clientes y candidatos, en tiempos de crisis que obligan a repensar - se y analizar de mejor manera la dinámica laboral.

Análisis de Compensación Salarial

Te ayudamos a armar la estructura salarial de tu empresa en concordancia con las compensaciones del mercado laboral.