With more than 60 positions open simultaneously, we have reliable, up-to-date and realistic information regarding the status of compensation for IT positions throughout LATAM. Our Database is composed of compensatory information that is nourished from various sources: clients, candidates and closed selection processes. Based on this information, we carry out tailor-made studies on Salary Competitiveness, useful and effective for decision-making. We have a quarterly Monitoring of Labor Demand within the sector, which allows us to identify the most demanded positions, as well as where the main trends in Identification and Attraction of IT Talent are.


You can count on us to:

Labor Competitiveness Analysis:
perform benchmarking analysis with the Labor Market in order to establish adjustments in the dynamics of Talent Attraction and Retention.

Studies of Internal Equity and External Competitiveness:
measuring within the structure, the impact of each role on the business, in order to be able to analyze and establish strategic policies for retention and setting salary bands.

Design of Salary Bands at the service of Talent Development:
based on the Talent Management strategy and in accordance with the variables of the labor market, we contribute by developing competitive Salary Bands.

Information on the Labor Market and its dynamics:
we prepare reports on the current situation of the sector, at the service of new business development investments within the country and throughout LATAM. We add value to the investment strategy, informing about the availability of talent in the sector.