Confidential REF: #791

Importante empresa nacional de software, orientada al desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas al servicio de sus clientes. Tiene alcance nacional e internacional, con fuerte foco en clientes norteamericanos con elevados estándares y exigencias.

The project: a mobile app that integrates with a 3rd party system (ConnectWise) via a REST API. We can provide the full list of dependencies in the RN app if you would like to see them. The .NET Core app is basically MVC without the V.

  • React JS (1 año de experiencia)
  • Valorado experiencia con Node JS.
  • push notifications


  • PubNub
  • ConnectWise
  • VoxImplant (video calls in the RN app)

To be part of a team that is growing and taking on new challenges in the international market. The company provides a great work environment, knowledge and experience with new technologies and flex time. 

Application Form

As stated in the law 18.331 – Personal Data protection and Habeas Data Action- personal and professional information informed, could be used by Búsquedas It to selection and management personnel processes or be transferred to clients, key partners or other companies.