Confidential REF: #830

10 years of experience providing software services around Ruby and Rails. A value-driven approach and empathetic perspective help us turn our clients into long-term partners. Effective software development & expertise for your products and teams.

Become part of our team and join us in our mission to work on challenging products with the most enjoyable group of people. 

  • Writing high-quality code

  • Daily written and verbal communication with client in English

  • Being open to receive constructive feedback from anyone in your team of code you wrote

  • Provide constructive feedback to your teammates about code they wrote

  • Communicate clearly about development progress with teammates and stakeholders

  • Having a strong will to learn and grow in autonomy with time

  • Being empathetic with others, including your team members and the client representatives

  • Technology background, with one year of experience in web development. 

  • Work experience within heterogeneous work teams, dedicated to learning new technologies, as well as experience with American clients, is valued.

  • It is essential to have a good command of English (understanding and communication)

You’ll join a small, talented and experienced team  that works together full-time to help a US-based startup build well-tested and high-quality software for a web app using modern web technologies and agile methodologies

Each team member’s contributions, including yours, in the form of source code, automated tests, giving feedback or proposing new ideas will be key to the success of the team and the client.

Company culture:

Master the latest web technologies:  Stay up to date. Learn and work with the most modern and solid technologies.

Collaborate in an active open-source community: We believe in OSS and we strongly encourage contributing back to the community.

Be part of an agile and quality-driven team: Leverage teamwork and collaboration as the foundation to build great things.

Build software for clients in the US: Team up with US-based companies and accomplish great things together.

Application Form

As stated in the law 18.331 – Personal Data protection and Habeas Data Action- personal and professional information informed, could be used by Búsquedas It to selection and management personnel processes or be transferred to clients, key partners or other companies.