Confidential REF: #988

Compañía nativa digital que ofrece servicios de tecnología innovadores. Acompañan a sus clientes para conectarse emocionalmente con los consumidores y sus empleados, apalancándose en el poder de la inteligencia artificial para optimizar los negocios. Utilizan las últimas tecnologías en el campo digital y cognitivo para transformar las organizaciones en todos los aspectos.

We are looking for Java Developers to join an international company!

You will get the chance to:

  • Work with professionals who have created some of the most revolutionary solutions in their fields.

  • Make an impact. Work in large-scale projects globally.

  • Develop your career in our Studios. Each Studio represents deep pockets of expertise on the latest technologies and trends and delivers tailored solutions focused on specific challenges. 

  • Develop your career within an industry or multiple industries. 

  • Work in the city you want, and be nourished by cultural exchanges.

  • Be empowered to choose your career path: we have more than 600 simultaneous projects, so you can choose where and how to work.

  • Be part of an agile pod. Driven by a culture of self-regulated teamwork, each team -or POD- works directly with our customers with a full maturity path that evolves as they increase speed, quality and autonomy.

 What will help you succeed:

  • Believe and love what you do.

  • Make "No’s" become "What ifs".

  • Have imagination and you love innovating.

  • Being flexible & goal oriented.

  • Being capable of taking a step back to look at a bigger picture. 

  • Advanced English skills. 

  • Experience working with Java and OOP (+2 years)

  • Knowledge of SQL (DML and DLL).

  • Experience with frameworks like Spring, ORMs: Hibernate, JPA, Mybatis.

  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform Big Query and Cloud Storage (is a plus!)

Be part of a company with the most cutting-edge practices and technologies plus a unique team. 


Application Form

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