Confidential REF: #1043

The product that the Company develops is a suite of automation and optimization tools designed to help modern publishers gain deeper insight into what their audiences need, make smarter decisions with their resources and get the most value out of their content.

The Company is an award-winning team that builds enterprise SaaS solutions to drive business transformation through its suite of AI tools focusing on site automation, paywalls and predictive analytics for the media industry.

Machine Learning is a central function of the business using the most cutting-edge ML technology to solve large-scale business problems. Our team is continuing to grow, and we are looking for engineers with experience developing ML pipelines and infrastructure in AWS cloud.

In this role, you will use massive amounts of clickstream, image, video, and text data to create insight and solutions that are scalable and with high performance.


  • Collaborate with data engineers to build a robust, high-scalable data pipeline and API to power our machine learning products.
  • Take ownership of developing high-quality products from concept to production, including requirements gathering, feature creation, testing, documentation, deployment, A/B testing evaluation and post production support.
  • Collaborate with devops to create AWS Infrastructure as code for all your applications.
  • Collaborate with data scientists to build products around ML models, reconcile the process and modularize work
  • Following AWS well-architected framework to bring and apply industry engineering best practices
  • Drive innovation through iteration.

Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or any relevant background required

  • 3+years of experience in software development or data engineering for an intermediate level
  • 5+ years of experience for a senior level
  • Proficient and hands on with at least one programming language, prefer Python/Java
  • Experience in Event driven architecture using AWS Lambda, ECS/Fargate, API Gateway, Kinesis, DynamoDB, EventBridge, S3, SQS, SNS
  • Familiar with Twelve-Factor App methodology ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve-Factor_App_methodology )
  • Understanding of IAM policies and roles
  • Familiar with cloud architecture and security
  • Familiar with Codepipleline and Codebuild
  • Familiar with test driven development methodologies
  • Nice to have: Familiar with continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Nice to have: Infrastructure as code experience, such as Terraform or CloudFormation or CDK

General Qualifications: 

  • High level of personal accountability, self-motivated
  • Strong communication, verbal and written skills
  • Quick learner, solution-oriented, able to implement prototypes with new tools quickly
  • Comfortable taking on new challenges with a high willingness to learn
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinking to come up with alternative solutions to meet the business requirements

You will be part of a national icon and Canada’s most recognized media brand.

We’re also an international award winner for data visualization, design, and creative storytelling. A digital innovator with a global client list for our in-house AI-powered optimization, prediction and automation platform. And a place where Canadians come for the best journalism in the country.

We aim to reflect Canada in the stories we tell and in our workforce.

We understand our staff have lives outside of the office and offer flexible work arrangements and support programs. We also provide training and mentorships to staff to ensure you’re able to grow and challenge yourself and your abilities.

Application Form

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